Treat Yourself: Flower Petal Milk Bath

We all have our own stressors. There are so many things personally in my everyday life that overwhelm me so much, I strive for that moment at the end of the day where I can plop into bed and get a good nights rest. Of course it isn't always like this, but in the heat of the semester with a million things going on, a girl needs a night off! The other night I realized I had the place to myself and took advantage of the time I had. I did a little research on making a perfectly relaxing milk bath and I enjoyed it so much I had to share with everyone! This makes for a perfect evening for yourself, or an awesome surprise for your significant other (fellas). It's super easy, quick and doesn't hurt your wallet! 

Here's all that you need to do: 

  • Fill the tub with hot water (obviously)
  • Dust in a healthy amount of powdered milk. I used all natural goat's milk, but whatever you prefer!
  • Mix and let dissolve
  • Add a couple drops of food coloring. I actually used a tiny bit of red to make a light pinkish/purple color.
  • Adding crushed oatmeal is an option if you would like to have even more moisturized skin.
  • Cut the stems off of the flower arrangement of your choice and set into the water. Try not to pick too heavy of flowers or else they will sink. Fyi rose petals also are beneficial to moisturizing the skin, but not a necessity. Be as creative as you would like! 
  • Make a bomb playlist containing the most relaxing music of your choice.
  • Light some candles to enhance your aesthetics!
  • A nice bottle of wine or maybe a cup of tea at your side is always a nice addition.

Don't plan on going out after your night of relaxation! The second I got out of the tub I felt so relaxed and tired! My skin was smooth and rejuvenated, and I had a really great night of sleep. Sitting down and completely clearing your mind and listening to your favorite music will keep you sane through your issues. I'm definitely going to be searching for more spa night DIY's! Because sometimes, we just need a full night to no one but ourselves. We deserve it! Until next time (;